Monday, August 15, 2016

Advantages of Ecommerce Magento Website Development

E-commerce is what drives today’s world and with so many options available, choosing the right eCommerce solutions available, it is really difficult to choose the best one. Magento development services are one of the best options you have as magento happens to be a one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the world. There are many reasons as why this is one of the most popular choices and here we have mentioned a few them.

Magento Website Development

Mobile Friendly Configuration

Magento website design is mobile optimized and hence, your eCommerce website would be visible in your customers’ smartphones and tablets. It has been seen that most people these days prefer to shop via their tablets and smartphones and hence by having a mobile responsive website, you can reach more customers.

Versatile Content Management

Magento allows website owners to customize their offerings to their customers. Magento Development ensures a very user-friendly content management interface and you do not need much technical knowledge in order to customize your website as per your requirements. Magento website design is easy to understand and customize and hence, this is a very popular choice amongst many website owners around the world.

Search Engine Optimized

Magento platform is SEO optimized and this means that your eCommerce site would attract more organic traffic. Your products would appear in the first few pages of Google and the other search engines and you hire a professional Magento development company, the chances of appearing in the first few pages gets doubled. This only means that customers easily locate your site and you enjoy a high rate of sales and profits. 

Spacious and Powerful

Your magento eCommerce site can support more than 500,000 products and can deal with more than 8,000 orders in an hour. This means that even if you start with few hundred products, you have a lot of space and support for your future growth. Magento solutions are optimum for both small and big enterprises as it can fulfill all your requirements easily.

Easy Third Party Integration

You can easily connect your eCommerce website with PayPal, PayTM, QuickBooks and all the other payment gateways. Magento developers can also integrate other third parties for other purposes as well.

Numerous Themes and Extensions

There are numerous Magento Plug-ins and Magento Extensions that you can use to improve the functionalities of your website. These are what allow the developers to develop customized eCommerce websites to fulfill your specific needs and wants. These extensions ensure that you have a very functional website that is easy to use and offer your customers a smooth shopping experience.

Cheap and User-Friendly

Magento is open-source cross-platform content management system written in PHP for eCommerce websites. Magento eCommerce development services do not cost you a fortune and you can have a highly functional site at a very low cost. There is a gigantic magento community with which you can share tools and this platform is available in multiple languages as well.

Magento development is offered by many and make sure that you go for an experienced company.