Monday, September 12, 2016

Building of an Application, iPhone / Android Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development is a process by which mobile phone apps are built. These apps can be pre-installed in the phone or it can be installed via web. There are various applications that may be installed in any sort of hand-held devices like basic mobile phones, android phones, smart phones, touch phones etc. Such applications include all sorts of software that give you access to social media like, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc, news like BBC, ABC, New York Times etc, various national and international music, eBooks and lot more. There also apps that are designed for mobile gaming.

Android App Development

Java is the language that is used to build an android app. People who build android apps do need to do something called running a debuggable version of the app. They also need to build user interface and handle user points.

iPhone App Development

There are three steps included in the development, Plan, Create and Test. To create the app the following steps are followed:
  • Create a new project in X Code.
  • Assign your Storyboard to your project.
  • Create a Storyboard.
  • Add your first screen by using a view controller.
  • Add interface objects to your first screen.
  • Customize the objects you add.
  • Add more screens.
  • Add a navigation bar.
  • Add functionality to the navigation bar.
  • Link your new button to an existing screen.
Windows App Development

Windows apps can be developed by using a lot of programming languages like JavaScript, C++, C# and Microsoft Visual Basic. Windows apps are required in all computers except Mac and all windows phones. Windows apps are huge in number, more than any other because of their extensive on the daddy device, the computer.

The Developers

Mobile industry is booming worldwide rapidly and thus the Mobile App Developers are very much in demand. It takes a lot of hard work to be a mobile app developer, you need a college degree on computer science or software engineering, then you got to do specialized courses on app development and then you must build an app which takes great business sense. But even if you cannot build your own app still you can do a decent job that will fetch you a good salary. In 2011 the annual salary of a mobile app developer was $90,000 and by 2016 the total revenue from consumers of mobile app is estimated to be about $50 Billion. So it takes some cash to hire Mobile developer.